Friday, January 11, 2013

Bible Reading Plans

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Bible reading plans, good emotions do not come to mind. Truth be told, though we know that all Scripture is inspired by God, some parts are definitely harder to get through than others (think Leviticus compared with Genesis).

However, muddling around and not really doing any Bible devotions and meditations is not good either. It would be better to have a crummy (if there is such a thing) Bible reading plan than to never pick up God’s Holy Word. After all, all Scripture equips us thoroughly for every good work (that includes Leviticus!). And every Christian wants to live a life pleasing to God.

So a friend introduced me to what I think is a very special Bible reading plan. It allows you to get through a lot of the Bible in a week (70 chapters, hopefully), but also diversifies your reading.

Here’s what I mean. This plan has ten lists, which you can bookmark yourself. You are supposed to read one chapter out of each list each day. The lists take you all over Scripture. For example,  one could be  reading simultaneously through Luke, Genesis, Galatians, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Proverbs, Ruth, Isaiah, and Acts all in the same day!

Not only does this allow you to work through significant portions of scripture in a week, but also helps you become not so leery about reading those heavily detailed descriptions about Levitical Law (important as they are!).

It also allows you to see connections between passages that you would have never seen or noticed before. It’s really quite amazing.

If you think that ten chapters a day sounds terrible, then first you could split up your readings into two sections (five chapters in the morning and five chapters at night), and second you should read the Bible to find out why ten chapters is not terrible at all!

Some people say their busy schedules don’t allow for long periods of reading the Bible. But I really don’t buy it. At the end of a long day, thirty minutes to an hour spent in the Word of your God is not too much to ask.

Reading ten chapters a day is, of course, not a law. But God does look at the heart. So if our lives are not comprised by the Word which meant so much to the early Church, to Peter, Paul, John, and Jesus, then there is a serious problem. The Spirit works through the Word, and that is one of the most exciting, heart inspiring things to comprehend. Think of how God will bless you when you take up and read (even if it's not using this Bible reading plan)!

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