Thursday, July 7, 2011

Songs You Will (maybe) Love Series!

I had the opportunity to see Owl City in concert, and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Adam Young (Owl City) had all the bells and whistles (flashing lights, disco balls etc.) but he really backed it up with a great voice and stage presence. He also added a couple live players on the cello and violin, which added “realness” to his songs that I hadn’t heard from his CD called Ocean Eyes. In my opinion, his song Meteor shower was the best song of the night. He played a sound bite of Ronald Reagan’s speech after the Challenger disaster, which ended up killing all seven of the astronauts on the rocket ship. Then Young ended with these simple but profound words, which are lyrics from the song,

“I am not my own. For I have been made new. 
Please don’t let me go. I desperately need you.”

This song had a profound impact after hearing the clip from the speech, in the context of all of the astronauts dying. I’m convinced all true Christian’s cry these lyrics which Adam Young penned. 

If you'd like to hear the full Reagan speech here's the video:

Listen to the last installment of the Songs You Will (maybe) Love Series here:

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