Monday, June 13, 2011

Songs You Will (maybe) Love Series!

This summer I want to share some songs I love, that you might have never heard of! I'm calling it the "Songs You Will (maybe) Love Series!" There's really no reason for anyone to care about the music that I like, but I think I'm really going to enjoy this, and I think you will (maybe) too!

So here's the first post!

No one (Peter Pan excluded) has ever been able to catch a shadow. So let’s all stop trying! This song by Morcheeba has been a long favorite of mine since the high school years, and I wish that everyone (me, most of all) would take some of the advice I believe the song is giving:

1. Life is tough: “But oh the road is long…”
2. We don’t know the direction we’re going: “The stones that you are walking on have gone…”
3. We run after (or fret about) stupid things (but we shouldn’t): “Stop chasing shadows…”
4. Instead we should: “Feel the joy of being alive…” and “Just enjoy the ride…”

So even though life is a tough journey, we should enjoy the ride.

A great summer track!

Please comment and tell me if you love this song too!

The music video is kind of a trip (just a warning)...

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